If your dreams don’t scare you then they are not big enough!
By lpg@alma-creative.it
We came as a family from London to Roma for an avventura/ sabbatical for 1 year – fell in love with Italia – and Roma in particular ( much to the shock of our Milanese friends ) and 6 years later we are all still here- in Roma.

And now as Founder, Investor and CEO of La Piazza Group Srl ( created one month before the start of the pandemic and I year before Brexit obviously based in Roma ), I am scared s***less at least once a day (probably twice actually) – but the majority of the time what we do gives us all energy, inspiration and so much joy.

At La Piazza everything we do is focused on bringing the true magic of Italy back to its rightful place on the global stage.

Maybe it’s too late for many of our millennials but we should take every opportunity to stop Gen Z’s from leaving this country – because they believe and are frequently told by their families, schools and friends that they will have a better future elsewhere – which right now is frankly complete bollocks.
The U.K., the US … seriously!!!!

It is also time to encourage young people from other countries and cultures to think of Italia as a place where they can bring their ideas and start businesses that can change the world! After all everyone is secretly in love with Italia
( even the Italians )

Everything right now is about reputation and if you want young people to buy and/or engage with your brands or work for your companies- then you absolutely have to demonstrate that you are both diverse and inclusive (they are both very different things!!) and talk to them in the right way on the right platforms and in the right language.

To that end our diverse and multi-skilled team (quite possibly the most diverse team in Italia actually) – have developed a unique skill at building diverse and inclusive social media communities where young people can tell their stories and believe and know they are being heard.

Their stories are always inspiring – mainly because the cross/ cultural richness of thinking amongst young Italians is a complete joy to behold – and Italy needs to darsi una mossa and keep them and their wonderful ideas here in this magical country.️

So if you want to do that – then partner with us on one of our communities ( for example as Google.org has with ColorY. it ) and help create the future that Italia is truly meant to have.

Alternatively you could carry on trying to use the old ways to open new doors- but I promise you – with most Italian millennials and all of Gen Z – it simply won’t work!

If you carry on doing what you’ve always done then you will carry on getting what you’ve always got.

Or as we say more simply at La Piazza
Nothing changes if nothing changes!

Fru X