We are a UNIQUE AND DIVERSE TEAM of communication EXPERTS
Totally passionate about high social impact projects.
Fru Hazlitt
Founder & CEO
Alessandra Cravetto
Co-Founder & COO
Julian March
Co-Founder & CTO
Monica Fontanelli
General Manager
Marianna Kalonda Okassaka
Brand Manager ColorY*
Hannah Kirsten
Editorial Specialist ColorY*
Amin Abu Islaih
Digital Strategist Colory*
Chiara Pacchioli
Project Manager & Community Manager GenerazioneStem
Rachel Ann Cruz Magsino
Admin & Logistics
Raffaella Carboni
Art Director La Piazza Group
Lorenzo Dall’Osso
Illustrator & Art Director Generazione Stem
Katia Shirin Karamooz
Content Specialist & Copywriter